Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gabby Mom Review: Staycation E-book

 Staycation: Make Staying Home the Best Vacation Ever

This month's Gabby Moms review is for Lorrie Flem's ebook Staycation. I know in today's economy alot of us are having to resort to this sort of thing over a traditional vacation. A Staycation is in order when you can't travel far from your home for whatever reason or you just need to get away without "getting away". Lorrie gives you some pointers on how to get this accomplished without killing the mood. After all taking a vacation is all about rest and relaxation, isn't it?

Planning, even though it is typically a vacation at home it also deserves some time to plan.

Talk it up, essentially this would mean build some enthusiasm about the whole trip. You could do this by labeling the calendar with different events or activities for each day or come up with a themed staycation.

No housework or computer time for anyone. Also video games and phones need to have some down time. This is about spending time with your family so we need to leave those things turned off.

Lorrie gives you some Staycation ideas that sound like alot of fun but you could try and come up with some on your own.

You can use this time to visit areas around you that are close to home.
A family (adult male and female and two male children) are sitting around a coffee table smiling and playing a board game.
 Bottom line, make it special and take lots of pictures. And remember mom, you set the tone, if it is a day full of dread for you, it will also be that way for your family.

 As always you can purchase this product at the Eternal Encouragement website link is here. And while you're there you can check out all of the great things Lorrie has going on there from the main page which is here.

**Disclosure** This ebook was provided to me at no charge for my honest review through the Gabby Moms program.

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