Monday, April 22, 2013

Litfuse Review: An Unholy Communion by:Donna Fletcher Crow

About the Book:
You aren't going to want to miss this nail biter from Donna Fletcher Crow! An Unholy Communion (Kregel, 2013) is the third enstallment in The Monastery Murders series.

Following the ancient tradition, ordinands from the College of the Transfiguration gather at first light on Ascension morning to sing their praises from the top of the college's tallest tower. Not one to miss any liturgy, Felicity finds herself swept up in worship as she listens to the timeless words. 

But her delight quickly turns to horror when a black-robed body hurtles over the precipice and lands at her feet. Her investigative instincts immediately kick in when she sees a double-headed snake emblem clutched in the lifeless hand. Was this suicide? Or murder? 

This time, though, Felicity will leave the investigating to someone else. She and her fiancĂ©, Antony, are off to lead a youth pilgrimage through Wales. Yet even in this remote, mystical land, lurking figures follow Felicity and Antony, and Felicity finds herself haunted by the writhing snakes. Then an ancient holy well reveals another body . .  
About the Author:
Donna Fletcher Crow is the author of 36 books, mostly novels dealing with British history. She and her husband live in Boise, Idaho. They have 4 adult children and 10 grandchildren. Donna is remembered by Idahoans with long memories as a former Queen of the Snake River Stampede, Miss Rodeo Idaho and runner-up for Miss Rodeo America. She is an enthusiastic gardener. 

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My Review:
Donna Fletcher Crow has put together another masterpiece in her third installment of The Monastery Murders entitled An Unholy Communion. In this installment we are quietly listening as Felicity wakes up from a nightmare of someone falling to possibly their death. All the while she is screaming for them to stop. She oversleeps on Ascension morning much to her dismay because she enjoys the worship time so much. But the nightmare clung to her like a thick fog clings to the night sky. 

 Then as if she was reliving it all over again. As she was listening to the singing and worshiping she seen someone fall down the hill. As they lay at her feet, she notices a piece of folded paper in the persons hand. While the victim; Hwyl Pendry, a former student seems to have no real cause as to why he fell. The police label the death as a suicide but the victims widow is convinced he was murdered but need the help of Felicity and her fiance, Father Antony to help figure this mystery out. Things seem to get even stranger as you get deeper into this one, for sure.

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