Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review: Mountain Homecoming by:Sandra Robbins

About the Book:
In the second book in the Smoky Mountain Dreams series, acclaimed author Sandra Robbins spins a tender tale of God's faithfulness throughout the generations.
Rani Martin, Simon and Anna's only daughter, is a beautiful and spirited young woman living deep in the heart of the Smoky Mountains. She has plenty of ideas about the man she'll marry someday, but none of them could have prepared her for the return of Matthew Jackson.
Matthew left Cades Cove as a child after his father's death. Now he's come back to build a new life for himself, and it's his dearest wish that Rani be a part of that life. But the people of the Cove won't let him forget the sins of his father, and Matthew can't forget the darkness of his own past.
Is there a place for Matthew in the Cove? And can the light of Rani's love overcome his pain?

 About the Author:
Sandra Robbins and her husband live in the small college town in Tennessee where she grew up. They count their four children and five grandchildren as the greatest blessings in their lives. Her published books include stories in historical romance and romantic suspense. When not writing or spending time with her family, Sandra enjoys reading, collecting flow blue china, and playing the piano.

My Review:
 The setting of this book takes place in the Smoky Mountains in the early 1900's. The story centers around a young woman by the name of Rani Martin that thinks everything in her life is complete. Complete that is until her good friend Josie moves away with her family to find work because there is no work at Cades Cove. Rani had been contemplating finding a husband some day when Josie finally explained to her that sometimes in life you have to settle because the one you want may never come along.

 Meanwhile Matthew returns to the Cove trying to locate his old family farm trying to find a tree that his father planted for his mother on their wedding day. He was going there to fulfill a death bed request by his mother. Upon finding it he hears alot of screaming and fussing in a female voice. So he just stands by and listens to what appears to be Rani, I believe fussing at God about her problems. He is captivated by this beautiful creature.

 Seeing Rani makes living in this town so much easier......

**Disclosure**This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Harvest House Publishers.