Sunday, April 14, 2013

Review:Come Inside (31 days of devotions) by:Judith A. Harrah

About the Book:
Come Inside is not only an invitation into the Ark, but also into God's Word. This book is a collection of devotions designed just for kids. Market testing showed that after kids read a devotion, without fail, each one expressed a hunger to learn more about God and His ways. Parents were amazed at their child's interest and were asking for more.

About the Author:
Judith is a retired elementary school teacher with 28 years of experience. She has written textbooks for Beacon Enterprises and conducted national reading workshops on reading. She even has an album of educational songs for children. Judith has a heart for children and their understanding of God’s Word. She wants to give parents tools for raising spiritually strong children. To learn more about this brilliant author you can visit her Facebook page here.

My Review:
 This year my husband and I are trying to incorporate more scripture learning into our two oldest boys lives by having bedtime devotions. When asked to review this book I thought it would be a perfect addition to an older growing library of books. Anybody that has little boys in their home knows things have to be done quickly to hold their attention. Our little boys are no different. so a devotional designed to be used in 31 days is perfect.

 This book is written as a companion to the authors previous book Come Inside the Ark. But don't let that detour you from reading this one. You can use it with or without the previous one mentioned. The book is split up into 31 different daily devotions for your little ones. And the author has carefully taken each subject that she is discussing explains it in an easy to understand format. She has included a Bible verse or two to go along with the story and a short prayer to be said after.

 It is all laid out for you. So all we have to do is read it with our children. We do this every night before bed, completely doable and only takes about 15 minutes including their prayers.  So won't you give it a try today?  If you want to get more information visit this website.

  **Disclosure** This book was provided to me at no charge for my honest review from ShadeTree Publishing