Monday, May 6, 2013

Review:God is My Refuge by:Kathy Howard

About the Book:
In this daily devotional, Kathy Howard combines Scripture reading, insightful commentary, personal reflection, and Scripture memory to help women draw closer to God and experience his help in the midst of life's trials.
''In this world you will have trouble.'' Jesus said it and our life experiences prove it. From financial need and illness to loss and broken relationships, every Christian woman encounters difficulties. Most believe God can help, but many don't know where to go in the Bible to find the comfort, peace, and guidance he longs to give. God Is My Refuge provides the direction Christian women need to discover, understand, and apply the ''ever-present help'' that only God can give.
Each devotional includes five components to guide readers through a well-rounded time with God. Through these components readers will have the opportunity to hear from God through the Bible, understand biblical truths, apply these truths to their lives, respond to God in prayer, and equip themselves through Scripture memory.

 About the Author:
KATHY HOWARD has been teaching the Bible for over twenty years to a variety of audiences. She has a Masters in Christian Education from the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary. Kathy helps women live an unshakeable faith through her Bible teaching and writing. She encourages them to stand firm on our rock-solid God no matter life's circumstances. Raised in Louisiana, she and her engineer husband have moved around the U.S. and Canada.

My Review:
 We all need to turn to god through life's many trials but sometimes it is so difficult and overwhelming that it is just so hard to start a search in the middle of it all. But Kathy Howard's new book God is My Refuge is the perfect 12 week devotional, for times just like that. Each daily devotional contain five components in which to base your daily reading and I have listed them below:

Bible Reading scripture reading for the day

Memory Verse one of the many verses the author says would be beneficial if we memorized them

Reflect&Apply points to ponder and think through or maybe questions to ask ourselves

Prayer Prompt Say a prayer or write one

Memory Minute some ideas to go over, scripture to realize and plan to put into action

 Each daily reading is simple, short and to the point and is there to help us enrich our lives and give us some hope to cling to. Kathy is just trying to get us to focus on the prize when times get hard. We need to remember that God is there to carry us when we can no longer walk or run or even cry. We as mothers feel that we fail daily but thanks to Kathy Howard and other encouraging women out there that are willing to remind us to stay diligent in the Lord we can overcome any obstacle that is set before us. Because the God that is running the show is on our side and He will never leave us especially during the hard times.

**Disclosure** This book was provided to me at no charge for my honest review by ACU and Leafwood Publishers