Monday, May 13, 2013

Review:Sarah's Gift by:Skye Wieland

About the Book:
 Sarah White, an Aussie horse trainer running away from her past, tries to start a new life at a safari business in South Africa. Elephant culling, strange recurring dreams, and a supernatural encounter lead her to discovering an amazing gift she has. Will she use this gift or remain paralyzed by her traumatizing memories?

About the Author:
 Skye Wieland lives in Queensland, Australia with her husband and two children where they share a love of horses. She is a secondary high school teacher with a passion to help students discover their potential in life and to strive for it.

My Review:
 Sarah didn't know when she went to bed that night that her life was about to take a drastic turn. To a place of freedom to unknown origins without the person that she loved the most. Thankfully her neighbors were there to help. A bright, shining lighthouse in a tumultuous rain storm to a young girl that needed to get help as fast as she could.

 Some time later she went to live in a village in South Africa to help with a safari trail riding establishment. She had a degree in stable management, so this felt like a perfect fit for her. Sarah's new found life lead to so much more than she ever could of imagined. The recurring dreams seem to point to a gift she didn't know she had and a life she didn't know existed.

 A book filled with a mystery of sorts with supernatural gifts tied in. You will keep turning the page to see what will happen in the life of this young woman. This book is perfect for the young adult or teen in your life.

**Disclosure** This book was provided to me at no charge for my honest review from Shade Tree Publishing.