Wednesday, June 26, 2013

CFBA Review: Paige Torn by:Erynn Mangum

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Paige Torn
Think (May 1, 2013)
Erynn Mangum


A few things about her: So, if we were having this conversation in person, we would probably be hanging out at Starbucks or one of the cute coffeehouses in town. I’m nuts about all things coffee, I’m crazy about all things pink and girly, and I love, love, love the Food Network! I’m married to my best friend and the most amazing guy ever, Jon. He is amiable toward coffee, does not like anything pink or girly and tolerates the Food Network. So, we make a good match! In July 2010, we became parents to one of the funniest, cutest, sweetest little guys in the whole world (and nope, we aren’t biased at all!), our Nater-Tot, who is legally known as Nathan. Most days, I’m cleaning up messes, making goofy faces, trying to fit some writing in, and just LOVING the life that God has given me!


Everyone knows they can count on Paige Alder. But between volunteering at church, putting in overtime at work, and helping her best friend plan an anniversary party, she's lucky to grab a cheese stick for dinner. Paige can't even remember the last time she had a few minutes to relax or dig into God's Word. Then she meets laid-back Tyler, an attractive, Jesus-loving guy. Will he be able to help Paige get her priorities on track?

If you would like to read the first chapter of Paige Torn, go HERE.

My Review:
 Paige Adler is a glorified secretary at a law firm that she hopes one day will give her a chance to use the law degree she has earned. But until then she has to run the office side of things and run errands. And try to balance her very active life. While trying to do this she is helping her best friend Layla with her upcoming wedding details amongst other things. To top it all off she is very active in her church and is even helping rear young girls there by teaching the 9th grade girl class. When Tyler, someone fairly new to her church steps in to help with the 9th grade boys, things take an interesting turn.

  This book is one great book that perfectly describes most twenty something Christian young ladies that seem to have it all together. Paige spends alot of time helping all those around her. But when will she have time for her personal time with God and His word? The main character Paige is very nice and quirky--downright funny. I really enjoyed learning about her life. I can't wait to learn more.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me for free for my honest review from CFBA.