Monday, June 24, 2013

Review:Reading Kingdom

Reading Kingdom

A Little Bit About the Program.... (taken from the website)
 The Reading Kingdom teaches children 4-10 years old how to read and write to a third grade level. Before teaching your child to read, the program evaluates each child and places him or her at the appropriate level in the program. This means that the program works for almost all children in this age range including early readers, accelerated readers and struggling readers. Because the Reading Kingdom customizes itself to each child, it's the ideal program for teaching children at all levels how to read and write to the third grade.

 Early Readers
Teach a child to read who is as young as four. Children as young as four who have not yet learned to identify letters or use a mouse and keyboard can learn to read using this program. More advanced readers can use the program to move quickly to a third grade reading and writing level. 

 Accelerated Readers
Teach a child to read who already knows the basics of reading. Advanced readers can use the program to move rapidly to a third grade reading and writing level.

 Struggling Readers
Teach a child to read who is struggling. Children who are behind in their school reading curriculum will learn the skills they need to move ahead using this program. Many very bright children are left behind by a school curriculum that fails them. These same kids thrive when they are taught using the Reading Kingdom's comprehensive 6-skill system. The program is also fun to use and success-based, which converts bored and resistant readers into enthusiastic ones. Additionally, the Reading Kingdom is ideal for teaching children who have dyslexia, ADHD and other learning disabilities to read.
Struggling readers
Our Experience:
 My 10 year old son did not speak his first words until the ripe old age of three. We were terrified he was deaf. And our pediatrician wanted us to wait until the age of three to have his hearing checked just to be sure he didn't talk by then. So we waited and each day we would encourage him to talk but to no avail our precious baby would only utter three words which were more like gibberish. The three words---- ma, da, & ba, and those were the only words he uttered. So with all the tears cried and all the prayers prayed we made our way to the doctors office to have his hearing checked.

 The results were that his hearing was perfect. He had a speech development delay and that hopefully soon he would talk, if not then we would be seeking help with a speech therapist. He spoke not soon after that but his delays are still evident today. He has trouble focusing, has mild dyslexia, and he has difficulty reading. So I jumped at the chance to review Reading Kingdom. We have tried several other programs that are similar but none of them have really helped like this one. The teaching is top notch and he understands it and enjoys it. And best of all I am not really involved, that's right he can do it on his own. 

 Each day he is always asking, "when can I do my Reading Kingdom?" This is a big change from what my child was like before and I know your child will enjoy it too. It can also be used for beginning readers not just struggling ones. Here is a link to some helpful videos that explain things further.

 This program is designed for 4-10 year olds. When you sign up for the Reading Kingdom, you receive a free 30 day trial. After that, subscriptions to Reading Kingdom are $19.99/month (with no monthly minimum), or $199.99 per year (20% off). Additional children in your account get 50% off ($9.99/month or $99.99/year). The creators of the program have made the program safe but not allowing any ads to pop up while your child is on their site. The parent is also sent a weekly report to show your child's progress.

 If you would like a chance to win a 6 month subscription to try out Reading Kingdom and see if its a fit for your family now is your chance. Lorrie Flem is hosting a giveaway at this link.
**Disclosure** I received a free subscription to this online program for review purposes.