Monday, March 3, 2014

Review: Between Heaven and Earth by:Steve Berger

About the Book:
Dynamic Teaching on Heaven and How It Affects Your Life Today

After tragically losing his nineteen-year-old son, Pastor Steve Berger chose to reject despair and instead commit himself to carefully studying his son's new eternal home. In this deeply personal book, Berger opens up about his own story and then explains what he's learned about heaven. He provides hope for readers by teaching them what they can expect in heaven, such as reunions with family and friends, perfect bodies, and face-to-face fellowship with God.

But he also provides reassurance about what they will "not" experience in heaven, such as pain, tears, and sin. This exploration of heaven will inspire readers to set their sights on eternity and change their lives now. Berger encourages readers to be participants in kingdom success by recognizing what God is doing in this present world and joining him in it.

About the Author:
Steve Berger is the senior pastor to more than four thousand people at Grace Chapel, Leipers Fork, Tennessee. Steve is also a part of the teaching faculty for the National Worship Leader Conference and regularly contributes to several publications. Steve and his wife, Sarah, live in Franklin, Tennessee, with three of their children, Heather, Cody, and Destiny.

My Review:
 Between Heaven and Earth, is the result of a lot of research on the part of the author and also the result of his study of Heaven he did with the church he pastors. The author and his wife lost there son in an accident many years previous and instead of wasting away in their grief and sadness, they decided to learn all they could about the place their son now resided.

 We as Christians should be looking to things on this earth as temporary, because we are just pilgrims. Heaven is our home and many times with all our daily struggles we forget about that. The author has taken Paul and his struggle with wanting to go home along with his commentary on the subject and shared it with us. So that maybe we would also see the importance of wanting and yearning to be with our Lord.

 This book will put in perspective what "Heart in Heaven, Hand in the Harvest" really means. Because as the author says this is what God wants from each of us. And as I have learned just recently being in Gods will, being a part of Him is an amazing place to be but being with Him at home is even better.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Bethany House.