Monday, March 3, 2014

Review: The Long Awakening:A Memoir by:Lindsey O'Connor

The Long Awakening, a memoir
About the Book:
On a crisp October day in 2002, Lindsey O'Connor woke from a 47-day medically induced coma. She heard her ecstatic husband's voice and saw his face as she emerged from the depths of unconsciousness. She was bewildered by the people around her who looked so overjoyed and were so thoroughly attentive and attuned to her every move. Then came the question: "Do you remember that you had a baby?"

Lindsey drifted in and out of consciousness again for weeks. When she finally and gradually surfaced permanently from her long submersion, she struggled to understand that the day her baby came into the world was the day she left it. Her awakening was the happy ending for her family and friends--the miracle they had been praying for--but it was just the beginning of Lindsey's long and frightening journey toward a new reality.

With visceral images and richly layered storytelling, Lindsey O'Connor vividly tells the poignant true story of the struggle to reenter her world and rebuild her identity. Underlying this life and death battle is a story of lost and found love, the effort to make sense of life-altering events, and the continuing search for self. This moving memoir paints a powerful picture of pain, beauty, and the unsurpassable gift of finally knowing who you are.

My Review:
The following book is a story that describes a person with a brain injury and is being offered this month, March, which is Brain Injury Month. If you would like to learn more about this you can go to this link to learn more.

 The Long Awakening, is a moving story that caused me to cry...A LOT. It is an amazing story of Lindsey O'Connor literally coming back from the brink to rejoin her family. But as the story points out it was a very slow, hard process for all involved. I loved her story, it was very vivid, strong and I couldn't wait to read more. The description of her outlook being in a drug induced coma, followed by the thoughts and feelings of the loved ones living their life all around her was nothing short of amazing.

 I hate that this family had to endure this tragedy, but I'm so glad that God blessed them by bringing Lindsey back to them. But one conclusion I came to while reading Lindsey's account was that even though the tests said one thing, she was still there in her body. I wonder how many lives were lost due to us letting them go too soon.

 Follow Lindsey's story back to her family. It is a miracle that God has allowed us all to look at and just feel their pain and their triumph. This story is amazing!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Revell.