Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Review: Be The Dad She Needs You To Be by:Dr. Kevin Leman

Be the Dad She Needs You to Be: The Indelible Imprint a Father Leaves on His Daughter's Life
About the Book:
A call to dads to step up to the plate to become the loving, actively engaged father that a daughter needs for life and relational success. The relationship that matters most to your daughter isn't the one with her mother?it's the one with you, Dad. Her self-esteem, choices, behavior, character, and even her ideas about or choice of a marriage partner are all directly tied to you, as the most important representative to her of the male species. 

In Be the Dad She Needs You to Be Dr. Kevin Leman, internationally-known psychologist, New York Times bestselling author, and father of four daughters, will show you not only how to get the fathering job done and done well, but also how to: make each daughter feel unique, special, and valued; discipline the right way...when it's needed; talk turkey about what guys are really thinking; keep the critical eye at bay; wave the truce flag when females turn your family room into a battleground; and set your daughter up for life and relational success. With some effort on your part (and very few dollars), you can gain the kind of relationship you dream of with your daughter?one based on mutual love and respect. The simple yet profound suggestions will transform you into the kind of man your daughter needs...for a lifetime.

About the Author:
Dr. Kevin Leman is an internationally known psychologist, best-selling author, radio and TV personality, and speaker. His award-winning books include The Birth Order Book, Parenting Your Powerful Child, and Have a New Kid by Friday. He has appeared on Fox and Friends, The View, Today, 700 Club, Mancow, and Oprah and has served as a contributing psychologist to Good Morning America. Dr. Leman and his wife, Sande, have five grown children.

My Review:
 The female mind is quite a mystery to those men around us. Just when they think they have us all figured out, we throw them a fast one, and they haven't got a clue what just happened. We are complex beings and we clearly need to be thoroughly studied just for them to be able to figure us out. Kevin Leman , has had the opportunity to be around several women in his life, and he seems to think he has us all figured out, at for now anyway. Based on Biblical principle and his own experiences he will try to get the men in our daughters lives to learn their daughters alot better but information provided can help all female relationships these men have. So a win, win for everyone involved.

 With much love and an awesome strategy the author sets our husbands, fathers, etc. to help the females in their lives, particularly the father-daughter relationship blossom to new heights. Hopefully improving on what is already there, this book will help all types of relationships for the men in our lives, where a women is concerned. The father daughter relationship is a special bond between a daughter and her father, he is her first love and the gauge in which she will choose her mate for life. The father gives so much to his daughter, more than even he realizes--until its too late. This book is a perfect guide in learning the best way to deal with your daughter and hopefully your daughter with you.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Book Look.