Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Review: I Need Some Help Here! by:Kathi Lipp

 I Need Some Help Here!: Hope for When Your Kids Don't Go According to Plan
About the Book:
It's easy to feel overwhelmed as a parent--and worried and anxious. There are so many areas of a child's life that can go wrong along the way. What's a mom to do?
With wit and wisdom, Kathi Lipp meets moms where they are and offers the most powerful hope they have--prayer--for both their kids and themselves. Chapters include
When Your Child Is Running Away from God
When Your Child Makes Poor Choices
When Your Child Is Struggling
When Your Child Is Left Out
When Your Child Is Different
Moms who are overwhelmed or simply need a little support will cherish this expert guidance on praying for their kids--from toddler to teenager--with boldness and confidence.

About the Author:
Kathi Lipp is a full-time speaker and writer as well as being the parent of four young adults with her husband, Roger in San Jose, CA. When she is not doing laundry, she is speaking at retreats, conferences and women's events across the US.

Kathi's articles have appeared in Focus on the Family, Today's Christian Woman and Christian Parenting Today. Her books, The Husband Project, The Marriage Project, The Me Project, The "What's for Dinner?" Solution, The Get Yourself Organized Solution and 21 Ways to Connect with Your Kids are all published by Harvest House and now Praying God's Word for Your Husband has been released by Revell. Find out more about Kathi at http://www.kathilipp.com

My Review:
 Talking about the right book to surface at the right time, this book was "it" for me. We have been noticing and even caught one of our children in something we disapproved of as well as seeing some character traits that we didn't understand. We on one hand would say to God we hand over this child to you, but on the other hand would constantly wonder "how we were going to fix them".I think that mentality is common in most parents, you want to hand over your child to God but yet you find it hard not to stick your nose all in what He is trying to do. I think we mean the best by doing this, its just that our trust in Him is sometimes forgotten to the point that "we" try to fix the problem, all the while knowing that we can't.

 I know for our family, we want our children to never forget that they are God's child not ours and that His opinion is worth more and comes at a highest cost than ours. This book is such a help to me and my husband and it would be a great help to you no matter the circumstance. Some of the chapter titles will definitely stir your curiosity, titles such as When My Child Is Running Away From God, When My Child Is Lacking Character, and When My Child Is Struggling. The information that the author gives is tried&true and very inspiring&encouraging. The times we live in are alot harder than they were when I was a child. The technology leads to bigger and bigger problems today among our youth and I beieve that is where most of the struggle comes from.

 When we finally do what we should of done in the first place is when things will be revealed and start to turn around. God loves them and even though sometimes it seems that He isn't with them, He really is. We need to step out of His way and let Him do His thing because alot of times we are preventing Him to complete His work and therefore it will be a longer struggle as a result.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Revell.