Friday, June 20, 2014

Review: The Adventures of Loriel the Wood Fairy by:C. J. Walery

 The Adventures of Loriel the Wood Fairy
About the Book:
Loriel is worried by the lack of communication from her Grandfairy Cyce and makes a journey to her cottage in the Forest of Echoes, to find it empty. Upon arrival she finds Grandfairy Cyce has been kidnapped by a goblin. This part of the story tells how Loriel, Padra (the house mouse) and Anya (the pet hummingbird) all help to save Grandfairy Cyce. Loriel is frantic with worry because she knows that goblins must be dangerous (not to mention smelly) and she will need to make a plan that does not endanger Grandfairy Cyce.

My Review:
 A really sweet story about a precious wood fairy by the name of Loriel. She counts on the loving guidance from her Grandfairy Cyce but when she realizes she hasn't heard from her in a timely fashion. As a result, she starts out on the long trek into the forest to her Grandfairy's home to check on her. As she arrives, she is greeted by Padra and Anya but no Grandfairy Cyce---but luckily Padra knows where she is but can't seem to rescue her on his own. A nasty, smelly goblin has taken her.

 But after communicating with her Grandfairy telepathically she soon learns the danger that she is in as well as Loriel herself will be in if spotted. Together Loriel and Padra must come up with a plan to rescue her because they all are in grave danger. 

 The author has written a very touching story of a young wood fairy trying to prove herself. The characters and plot are very strong and its a very good chapter book for children in grades 3-6.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.