Thursday, June 19, 2014

Review: It's Not Greek To Me DVD by:Todd Friel

It's Not Greek to Me: 10 Lessons in Greek--DVD  -     By: Todd Friel
About the DVD:
This video-based learning program is meant to be a basic introduction to Greek that will not overwhelm or frustrate you. Learn enough of the grammar to understand every Greek reference your pastor makes. Discover:
  • The Greek alphabet
  • Punctuation (and how it's used!)
  • Nouns, verbs, voice & moods
  • Nominative, genitives, vocatives, accusatives, & datives (the - tives of when to use what word and how)
  • How to apply your new skills!
About the Author/Creator:
Todd Friel is a fun and engaging speaker with knack for making things like Greek and hermeneutics easy to understand. His presentations are filled with a mix of humor and a strong Biblical foundation. Todd is currently host of "Wretched Radio," a daily syndicated talk radio program, as well as host of "Wretched TV."

My Review:
 Learning Greek has never been so much fun or so interesting as it is in this introductory DVD to the Greek language created by Todd Friel. With Todd's very optimistic and  down to earth nature, he takes you on a fun ride through the Greek language. His witty ways are sure to entice your child to really listen and learn all that he is eager to teach them. This is just an intro into the land of the Greek language, it is NOT an in depth study to get your children to start conversing in this language fluently. It is just a fun way to learn a little more about this sometimes difficult language.

 Your children will most definitely be drawn into learning more about Greek language because Todd has a great personality and he makes it look really easy. My children thought he was hilarious and yours will too! As a mom, I was excited because it was Biblically based and it would help us all to understand more when our Pastor uses any Greek references. The It's Not Greek DVD, contains 10 lessons, is geared for grades 10-12, and will count as a 1/2 credit language course, and is available here for $15.99. There is also a planner available, that will help you with the teaching aspect of this great curriculum, here is the link.

Master Books published this very informative DVD, and if you would like to learn more about them you can follow this link.

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**Disclosure** This product was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Master Books/New Leaf Publishing Group through my participation in the Moms of Master Books Review Group.