Monday, August 4, 2014

Review: Grace Finds Wings: A Journey In Song by:Jill Miller

Grace Finds Wings:  A Journey in Song
About the Book:
Grace Finds Wings, A Journey in Song – Follow along with Jill Miller in this inspired work and learn the stories behind the songs on her latest CD project. Led by the nudging of the Holy Spirit, the music and the stories she tells have incredible depth, heart, and compassion. Her stories will inspire the reader and resonate with the day-to-day problems that every believer struggles with. Somehow she finds a way to touch your heart and help you discover grace in things like infertility, divorce, financial problems, marital infidelity, loss, and fear of the unknown. With honesty that is uniquely Jill, she shows us that we can rise above our hurts and become the beautiful new creation God wants us to be.

About the Author:
Jill Miller is a singer/songwriter and speaker who instills God’s hope to a hurting world. Jill’s powerful vocals are enhanced by her ability to make audiences feel as if they’ve gained a new friend because of the warmth and genuineness she exhibits on-stage. Through music and story telling, she shares experience, strength, and hope to touch, encourage, and inspire.

My Review:
 It is always pretty interesting to find out the truth or wisdom behind the songs that we hear and come to depend on during our daily lives. Sometimes our lives become so clouded with the everyday stresses that music is used to clear our minds and to generally make us feel better. The author Jill Miller, has decided after many fan requests to write a book detailing the thoughts and emotions behind the songs on her latest CD project.

 Many of her thoughts and the thoughts of others are what resonate and inspire her to put all of those thoughts&emotions to music and in turn are the things that encourage and enrich our lives. I had never heard of the author before reading this book and I wasn't sure to be honest that I had ever heard her music so I did an internet search to find out a little more. What I learned by researching the author listening to her music and reading her book was a touching life she has led.She is not an "untouchable" celebrity, she is a mom just like me that has endured and gotten through the terrible teen years with her children just like I'm trying to do now.

 She has let us in on her fears, failures, and victories. She has shared parts of her very real life that otherwise we would of never known. This Mother's Love, is a very touching song and it really inspired me to keep at it along with the story behind the song. She is able to convey in words and song the terrifying emotions that a mother goes through. But also the exhilaration that she feels from the pride she receives as she looks at that child in a whole new and different way.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Book Fun.