Monday, August 4, 2014

Review: Sara and Andy by:Ronald Glanz

About the Book:
The myth of love at first sight is real. If you don't believe it, just ask Sara Baintree and Andy Anderson. They both fell hard when they first met and they truly believe the myth. As they begin to learn about each other, one had to reveal a deep, dark secret while the other has a deep, dark secret to find. The same individual was at the center of those secrets, but after two decades, proof is almost impossible to obtain. What can Sara and Andy do? They have a plan, but will it work?

About the Author:
Ronald Glanz received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Rose Polytechnic Institute in 1967. His working years as an engineer caused him to travel throughout the world. He loves writing, antiques, and sports cars. He and his wife, Patricia, and their two cats, Bella and Stella, live in Mineral, Virginia.

My Review:
 Sara Braintree lost her very overbearing father and met Andy Anderson in almost the same week. Having his mother die, Andy thought would tear him apart. But after watching Sara go through the grieving process he almost forgot how sad he really was. The level of magnetism between Sara and Andy when they first met was insurmountable---it was love at first sight for the two of them. They start talking about marriage right away.

 Not long after her father's death, Sara finds out that her father left her an inheritance---so this little known fact helps Sara in a lot of ways. In the story there is an insurance salesman that knows about both Sara and Andy& their families. It turns out to be too much information that a complete stranger has knowledge of for these two--so they are looking to find out why. This story is a sweet romantic story with some mystery to see who this guy is and what he really is up to. Follow these two lovebirds to see why this person knows so much and is willing to keep it all a secret. The secret will blow your mind, I know for me it wasn't what I expected at all.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Book Fun.