Thursday, December 4, 2014

Review: Evening Prayers:For Every Day of the Year by:Blumhardt

 Evening Prayers: For Every Day of the Year
About the Book:
We want to turn to God at the end of each day, but often don t find the words to express our deepest feelings and longing. This collection of prayers is one of the few daily devotionals especially intended for use in the evening. Blumhardt's words bespeak a certainty in God s nearness. The peace that flows from them comes from an unshakeable conviction that God s kingdom is indeed on the way. In stormy and challenging times like our own, most of us need this reassurance frequently, if not daily."

About the Author:
Pastor, politician, and author, Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt (1842–1919) with his unconventional ideas about the kingdom of God, profoundly influenced a whole generation of European seekers. Among the luminaries he influenced were Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Emil Brunner, Oscar Cullman, and Karl Barth. Yet his vision and witness are still waiting to be discovered by most Americans, few of whom have had access to his works. He carried forward the work of his father, Johann Christoph Blumhardt (1805–1880), who is regarded by many as the key figure of German pietism.

My Review:
 Each day of the year is a day that we need our Father. Many times we run the risk of not knowing what to say to Him in way of prayer. But every day we need to talk with Him, even if we aren't asking for anything. A prayer of worship or thankfulness can go a long way towards intimacy with Him.The author of Evening Prayers: For Every Day of the Year, was a man that inspired many after him including but not limited to Bonhoeffer, Brunner, and many others.

 He still inspires many even after his death. His words are true and heartfelt and still apply today. One of my favorite prayers in the book was the one listed on March 24th. Based on Habakkuk 2:3, praying for God's protection as we wait.

 Each prayer has a scripture reference and there are enough prayers to last 365 days. You can use these as prayers as they were intended or you can use them along with Bible study. I loved the collection of prayers and would like to suggest it as a gift. It is a great collection of prayers perfect for any day of the year. If you are interested here is a link where you can find out more.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Handlebar.