Monday, May 4, 2015


About the Company:
N Circle Entertainment specializes in the sales, marketing and distribution of quality children and family entertainment content.Including industry veterans, with over 20 years of experience, NCircle has quickly become one of the leaders in children's entertainment by establishing working relationships with some of the biggest and best companies in children's entertainment.

Cat in the Hat: Discover & Investigate with Cat inDino Dan: Swimming with DinosaursSid the Science Kid: Encyclopedia of DiscoveryOctonauts: Crocodiles & Crabs
My Review:
Discover & Investigate with the Cat in the Hat Season 1 Vol. 2:
Season 1 of Cat in the Hat is now on DVD! Discover and investigate with the Cat in the Hat, Sally, and Nick as they are whisked off on extraordinary voyages of scientific discovery.  Hop on the thinga-ma-jigger and let’s explore!

Dino Dan: Swimming with the Dinosaurs:
Dino Dan fans, it’s time to join Trek and learn about some of the coolest dinosaurs yet! Dive into dino adventures in the water on the new DVD Swimming with Dinosaurs!

Sid the Science Kid: Encyclopedia of Discovery:
Sid the Science Kid inspires children to ask questions about how the world works, embracing every child’s natural passion for fun and discovery.  Explore 26 exciting topics with Sid and is friends in this Encyclopedia of Discovery!
·         26 mini-episodes (never-before-seen)
·         Bonus episode: Get Up and Move!

Octonauts: Crocodiles & Crabs: Sound the octo-alert and join the Octonauts above and below the waves! Help them rescue a gigantic saltwater crocodile, learn about hermit crabs and their shells, and explore a sunken pirate ship with slime eels. Enjoy these adventures and more now on their new DVD Crocodiles & Crabs!

Suggested retail price on all of these fascinating DVDs is $9.99

N Circle Entertainment knows how to create those products that are educational yet fun and best of all our children love them. I love all of the characters!! My son looks forward to our review of these. Everyone in the family will sit down with him and enjoy these movies with him. They provide some much needed family time. The Cat in the Hat always provides fun on his educational journeys. Dino Dan shows us what its like to swim with the dinosaurs. Sid the Science Kid has a plethora to share. And last but not least the Octonauts crew wants to share an underwater adventure sure to please.

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**Disclosure** These products were sent to me free of charge for my honest review from N Circle Entertainment.