Monday, September 28, 2015

Review: The Surprising Imagination of C. S. Lewis

The Surprising Imagination of C. S. Lewis: An Introduction
About the Book:
Narnia, Perelandra—places of wonder and longing. The White Witch, Screwtape—personifications of evil. Aslan—a portrait of the divine. Like Turkish Delight, some of C.S. Lewis’s writing surprises and whets our appetite for more. But some of his works bite and nip at our heels. What enabled C.S. Lewis to create such vivid characters and compelling plots? Perhaps it was simply that C.S. Lewis had an unsurpassed imagination. Or perhaps he had a knack for finding the right metaphor or analogy that awakened readers’ imaginations in new ways. But whatever his gifts, no one can deny that C.S. Lewis had a remarkable career, producing many books in eighteen different literary genres, including: apologetics, autobiography, educational philosophy, fairy stories, science fiction, and literary criticism. And while he had and still has critics, Lewis' works continue to find devoted readers.

My Review:
 If you have read anything about C. S. L about any of his works, you learn real quick he is all about imagery and the imagination. If you want a storybook you may have to go find one of his amazing works and read that, this is a cerebral type book that actually discusses C. S. Lewis' thoughts behind some of the fantastic imagery and prose that he used throughout his writings. While reading the book and trying to wrap my mind around what the authors were trying to say was trying at times, I do understand the thoughts that they were trying to convey.

 While it is a good goal to be intelligent it also takes someone with an outstanding imagination to come up with such fine detail and vividity. C. S. Lewis takes your mind as well as your heart o n a journey through all of his writings. And I believe that he hopes that you are changed throughout this process. I love the author's synopsis of a great writer, such a C. S. Lewis.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Handlebar. 

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