Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Review: Christian History: Biographies of Faith (Curriculum Pack) by:Master Books

Christian History: Biographies of Faith (Curriculum Pack)
About the Product:
This Christian History: Biographies of Faith PLP contains materials for use with the Life of John Newton, Life of Washington, Life of Andrew Jackson, Life of John Knox, and Life of Luther.

Weekly Lesson Schedule
Student Worksheets
Quizzes & Test
Answer Key
7th-9th grade
1 Year
History 1 Credit

Package Includes:
Life of John Newton
Life of Washington
Life of Andrew Jackson
Life of John Knox
Life of Luther
Parent Lesson Planner

My Review:
 First of all, I have stated more than once that it is hard to find a good selection of high school electives for your child especially if they are NOT the athletic type. But Master Books is a good starting point they have a rather large variety of things to choose from and one of those I will be highlighting here. You don't have to stick to standard history books to teach your high school-er a year of history. The Christian History: Biographies of Faith PLP will give your child a nice break from the norm and advance them just a little bit on some other people and perhaps their backgrounds that most people don't know enough about.

 Between the grades of 7th-9th you can use this curriculum pack. It is all inclusive and priced at $75.44 and it will include everything you will need for your student. I love the biographies included in this curriculum pack. Each biography is written Old World style with the pages torn on the edges, they are really some very beautiful reprints that I know you will enjoy. 

 The PLP-Parent Lesson Planner includes everything you need to plan out a schedule for your child. Lesson Schedule, Student Worksheets, Quizzes&Tests, and answer key. so the minute you receive this great package you can set to work right away planning. Because we all know homeschool moms like the buying and choosing part as well as the planning part of homeschooling. Each option you receive for school days is very flexible. They do give you a 5 day option or a 3 day option. We use a four day a week schedule because it works better for our family. The planner also gives you an option for special projects. I highlighted here our favorite parts to this curriculum. It is very simple and straight forward and not really hard to understand at all. 

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.


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