Thursday, October 22, 2015

Review: Prayers that Changed History by:Tricia Goyer

Prayers That Changed History: From Christopher Columbus to Helen Keller, How God Used 25 People to Change the World
About the Book:
One prayer can change everything, says bestselling author Tricia Goyer in Prayers That Changed History. Martin Luther. Sojourner Truth. Helen Keller. St. Patrick. We read their stories, and of other people like them, in history books and hear about the amazing things they did to change the world. But one part of the story is often left out: Each one of them wouldn t have accomplished what they did without prayer. In Prayers That Changed History, the stories of twenty-five notable people are presented along with how prayer changed their lives and changed history. Following each historical example is a biblical story that ties to that person s life and actions, as well as ways you can use the power of prayer in your life as well. Because God isn t done changing the world yet, and he would love to use you to make history. Includes images of each historical figure."

My Review:
 I really enjoyed this book. If you are an history buff, you will absolutely love the information and prayer history behind the 25 notable people listed in the book. It's really neat learning new things and learning some new things about people that you thought you knew everything about. There is a common saying, "prayer changes everything". The people listed about in the book can attest to that as I am sure many of us can. God is ever faithful and when we pray to Him it is connect our request and our faith to our Father and that is always a good thing and it in fact will change the course of your life as well as the course of history.

 Martin Luther, Helen Keller, Sojourner Truth, they were all different people that came from different walks of life but they each shared a common thread they knew where their strength come from and they knew what could change the course of the battle they were facing. The author takes you on a journey through each person's situation and shows you how God changed everything with a simple prayer.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review through my participation on the Z Blog Squad.

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