Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Review: May the Faith Be With You by:Zonderkidz

May the Faith Be with You: 180 devotions that are out of this world
About the Book:
Life in the Spirit isn’t about cushioned pews and easy living—it’s about adventure, risk, daring, and the pursuit of wisdom. It’s about letting the awesome power of God work through you to do things you never thought possible.

In this brand-new 180-day devotional, you’ll learn the highest, truest, and most rewarding way to a life of wisdom, apprenticing with the Ultimate Master himself—Jesus Christ. May the Faith Be With You will give you a devotional experience that’s out of this world.

My Review:
 Daily life is a struggle at best. Our children get to experience that right along with us. Granted theirs maybe somewhat easier but they still do. They need God in their daily lives just like we do---it's no different for them as it is for their parents. My children want a devotional handpicked for them just like mine so we try to provide them that only one that is on their reading level.

 It is so fitting for Zonderkidz to come out with a devotional for our kiddos based on a star wars type theme. This really appeals to kids and they love the fact it's not a boring old book. This is something that will make them eager to learn and it gives them greater knowledge of the Bible in only minutes per day. It is good for 180 days and is geared specifically for ages 6-10.

 It has several key features that make it even better all around. The features are scripture, master moment, ways of wisdom, and use the force. And like with all devotionals this one is very flexible and the author explains how to use it, as well. Look below for a special code to help with buying those gifts this holiday season.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

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