Monday, November 30, 2015

Review: Money Making Mom by:Crystal Paine

Money-Making Mom: How Every Woman Can Earn More and Make a Difference
About the Book:
When it comes to finances, many of us feel strapped and
stressed, buried under bills, worried about an uncertain future. Even if money
is plentiful, we long for greater wisdom to manage it well. 
In Money-Making Mom, finance and family blogger Crystal
Paine shares real-life stories, practical tips, and hard-won wisdom from the failures
and successes that have carved her family's path to financial freedom. 
Paine blends insight with inspiration as she shares creative
ways to manage money, generate income and--most importantly--live a life of
deeper meaning, fulfillment, and generosity than you might have ever imagined possible.

My Review:
 In a very fast paced ever evolving world, most women can't afford to just be a stay at home mom anymore. Most of us have to come up with some very creative was to achieve a working mom that stays home with the children status. I will be the first to tell you it isn't easy and it takes a lot of work. Crystal Paine has seemingly done this and succeeded. I first heard about Crystal during a webcast hosted by Cindy Rushton several years ago. When I first heard at that point what all she had accomplished in the web world, I was completely shocked. But ever since those early years she has grown and grown and now she has authored a couple of books that she has intended to help those of us still struggling.

 She not only offers you advice in her latest Money Making Mom but she also lets you glean from others' stories and their advice, as well. It is a book full of her wisdom and insight that can help anyone.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

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