Monday, November 30, 2015

Review: Submarines, Secrets and a Daring Rescue (American Revolutionary War Adventures #2) by:Robert J. Skead

Submarines, Secrets and a Daring Rescue (American Revolutionary War Adventure #2)
About the Book:
In this second book in the American Revolutionary War Adventure series, Submarines, Secrets, and a Daring Rescue, twins Ambrose and John Clark find themselves volunteering for another mission to help the newly forming United States. Inspired by their success in delivering a secret message to General George Washington himself, the boys step up to help transport much-needed gunpowder to the patriots and end up in an even more dangerous situation, trying to man one of the first submarines and then, later, attempting a prison break to rescue one of their older brothers.

Follow these brave young patriots as they follow in their father s footsteps and rely on each other, their considerable courage, and God s providence for guidance and strength."

My Review:
 Based on actual events in history but formatted fiction story that involves twin brothers, Ambrose and John Clark that set about on these awesome adventures. These very brave young souls trying to do their part to help in the war effort. But sometimes they find themselves in very dangerous situations that put their lives in danger and somehow they are always able to escape virtually unharmed. This series is perfect for our own very daring young souls that like to read war adventures.

 The books in this series offer a children so much more than a historically based fiction store. It offers some real life history in the back of each book that my boys and I enjoy. I especially like the historical characters bio's. They go into a little more detail on each of the real life characters that are represented in the store. It is always fun to learn more about these individuals that helped shaped our history. Fascinating stuff!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

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