Monday, July 11, 2016

Review: Eschatology: Biblical, Historical, and Practical Approaches by:Bingham/Kreider

 Eschatology: Biblical, Historical, and Practical Approaches
About the Book:
A compendium of biblical insights on the world of tomorrow and the hope to come. We live today in a world whose problems far surpass our ability to manage them. Social unrest and growing intolerance at home, terrorism abroad, worldwide simmering ecological and financial crises--the changes escalating on this planet point to a daunting future. What we desperately need is hope.

Hope is what the Bible offers. From Genesis to Revelation, it points toward God's coming kingdom beyond the sufferings and injustices of this present age. "The essays in this book provide an overview of 'the blessed hope' among the people of God," writes Timothy George in the foreword, "beginning with the Bible and continuing through the many challenges, reversals, and revivals of this hope in the course of Christian history."

The twenty-eight contributors to Eschatology: Biblical, Historical, and Practical Approaches communicate biblical perspectives on what the future holds for the world and the followers of Christ. In four parts it explores: The Doctrine of the Future and Its Foundations The Doctrine of the Future in the Bible The Doctrine of the Future in the History of Christian Thought The Doctrine of the Future and Christian Ministry

For Bible students and readers who desire a deeper biblical understanding of the future, this book offers a multifaceted view of both the challenges and the promise that lie before us.

My Review:
 The editors of this piece have really taken the most interesting essays and put them all together in a text that is truly thought provoking and incredibly diligent on the course of the end times and end times prophecy. In day that grows in hate and thrives in evil ways more and more each day. With each tomorrow superseding the day prior, we do need hope in abundance and very quickly. The world is scarier than it was even 10 years ago---and the only thing good that could come of it is Christ's return.

 The editors have taken essays and commentary from 28 different collaborators and placed them together for seminary students and ministers and the like to glean from others the words of other individuals on the subject. It is interesting to read through a lot of these and see that our blessed hope is very near and dear to us. Times are getting bad but our God instructed us to not lose hope and that is what we are to do.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.