Monday, October 10, 2016

Review: The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life by:Jeremy Pierre

 The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life: Connecting Christ to Human Experience
About the Book:
Our approach to counseling and personal ministry is often lopsided—we treat people as minds to be taught or problems to be fixed, moving too quickly toward applying biblical solutions without taking the time to love people well and understand their experiences and hurts.

The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life provides a comprehensive view of how the heart works and how Christ redeems it. It is a model for helping the person in front of you better understand their tough experiences and who they are in light of who Jesus is.

Pierre’s holistic view of counseling—shaped by his work as a counselor, pastor, and seminary professor—equips readers to help others understand how everyday beliefs, desires, and commitments shape how they respond to life’s biggest struggles, and how an active relationship of trust in God is the foundation for lifelong change.

My Review:
 Ministry is ever evolving. I remember as a child in my home church growing up, I could literally walk up to my Pastor and talk to him about things I didn't understand. He would try his best to help me without looking at his watch constantly. Times have changed since then though. With fast cars and even faster download speeds we have essentially become the generation that doesn't have time for people anymore. I think because of that many people in the ministry get a bad rap.

 Moving too quickly past a person to achieve our own agendas can lead to more than hurt feelings these days. People devalue their life based on if they get the help they need or not. This isn't a good thing because this is how tragedies take place. We have people going around hurting others and many times its because we didn't take the time with them that we should have.

 The author has taken the things that he has learned over the years through his experiences as a pastor and counselor to many and decided to put in book form the vision that we all seem to miss out on. His efforts will not go unnoticed because we need more people like him to point us in the right direction. The church has to get back to the people at some point. The learning about them and the knowing about them go hand in hand in to ministering to them and those around them.

  The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life, is a book that can show us how to get back to the basics on just loving on others. The simplicity of it is actually the meat of the whole operation. A great book for beginners in ministry as well as long time veterans that need a fresh approach.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

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