Friday, November 4, 2016

Review: The Daniel Code by:O.S. Hawkins

 The Daniel Code: Living Out Truth in a Culture That Is Losing Its Way
About the Book:
How can we learn to be effective culture warriors?

 We live in dangerous times. Not only does violence stalk us in the form of terrorism and crime, but our culture itself is crumbling. Our society tolerates and even praises what would once have been barely spoken of. If we stand up we are branded as intolerant, the term today’s culture considers the inexcusable offense.  If we don’t speak up, people won’t know biblical truth.  How is a Christian to respond?

 Inspired by the story of Daniel in the Old Testament, bestselling author O.S. Hawkins shows how we can engage our broken culture with integrity. Daniel was a young man who “wrote the book” on how to survive in a pagan, permissive, and perverse culture.  His value system was challenged at every turn.

 Daniel steps off the pages of scripture and into our modern culture today to reveal some timeless principles—a sort of “Daniel Code”—that enable you to not simply exist in our culture but to engage it and survive it as well. You will discover that the same God that ensured Daniel’s victories is here for you today.

My Review:
 Love, love, love O.S. Hawkins books. They are phenomenal and worth every penny. They also make great gifts because they are always so beautifully bound. True piece of art in so many different ways. While reading The Daniel Code, I thought this book is a masterpiece for this day in time, as well as this generation.

 It is fitting to say the least. Daniel, was a man of honor. He loved God and you seen it in his manners and motivations. And even though his was put in certain places and instances that would of drove others to their knees, Daniel would stand steadfast. He had the faith that I want. He trusted God with his all.

 If you are sitting there thinking this book title sounds familiar, then you are right it should be because O.S. Hawkins, has written many of the "code" books. He really comes to us in the culture we now live in and he meets us there with Jesus. Most if not all of his writings are very profound to my husband and I and we enjoy reading them.

 The part in this one that discusses intolerance was a great read. It discussed intolerance in today's world. Basically what we will put up with. He mentions someone that he knew that made a bold declarative statement, "You have what you will tolerate". I agree wholeheartedly with this statement. It is really sad to see what type of nation we have in today's world. We should definitely shoulder on and fight this fight for the Lord with all of our might. The Daniel Code is a great book for helping us in this endeavor.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

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