Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Review: My Teenage Zombie by:David L. Henderson, MD

 My Teenage Zombie: Resurrecting the Undead Adolescent in Your Home
About the Book:
A must-read guide for parents and grandparents who want to practically and successfully help their teenager navigate the ever-lengthening stage of adolescence launching, them into society with confidence, vision, and success.

Zombies are not just found in horror movies, sometimes they’re lying on your living room couch. These are undead adolescents whose psychological and social development have come to a screeching halt. Torn by their yearning for freedom and their fear of surviving the outside world, they have stalled in their maturity, motivation, and purpose in life, hijacked by a helplessness and fear of responsibility. Parents often feel ill-equipped to love, support, and guide them—especially when they may be facing a midlife crisis of their own and battling some of the same issues in their own lives. Is it really possible to escape this “undead” state of being?

In My Teenage Zombie board-certified psychiatrist and medical doctor David L. Henderson explains the parts of a teenage zombie (their brain, heart, and spirit), how they got into this undead state, and how to resurrect them back to life. Using real-life examples of families he has counseled, he describes both their physical and psychological characteristics and offers practical suggestions on how to deal with, and in many cases avoid, having an undead adolescent in your home.

My Review:
 I'm sorry to disappoint but, it is very difficult and not really all that fun to raise a teenager. I am currently on my second go around and in a few short years will be on my third. I have been a mother for 19 years now and I'm hear to tell you as we have added subsequent children, it hasn't gotten any easier.

 I will say that I thought my daughter was the most difficult teenager, that is until my son reached that delightful age of "teenagerism". Yes, that is my own term. I use it quite often in our home. It's syndrome of sorts that will make you pull your hair out or your children's whichever comes first. Not that I have but it definitely will make you you crazy in 0.2 seconds flat.

 The author slash M. D. has taken from real life families that he has encountered from years of experience counseling others. He helps you get down to the bottom of these teenage zombies and their radical existence by offering suggestions on how to get around it or avoid it all together. By the way, I didn't know that it could be avoided. I sort of come to the conclusion that I had to accept it. But turns out it is possible.

 The author suggests that if you feel like you have a teenage zombie that you as a parent may need to examine your goals for your child. I will have to agree. I know for me what he mentions about getting them from point A to point B in a straight line that is so true. I feel like I am putting out little fires here and there to keep them straight. And this behavior exhausts both of us and breeds anger and resentment. I like the author's suggestions and incite, he really helps you understand the causes and effects and reasons with you instead of blaming.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author. All opinions are my own.

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