Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Review: Failure: The Back Door to Success by:Erwin W. Lutzer

 Failure: the Back Door to Success
About the Book:
Find the good in your failure. Failure is a fact of life, one we’d rather forget. Fortunately it has a silver lining. Failure, the Back Door to Success shows us how God uses even our sins, shortcomings, and weaknesses in His perfect plan. It will inspire you to:

Learn from the past without being controlled by it
Embrace your limitations
Accept yourself as God accepts you
Be more gracious toward others
Redefine your idea of success
Easy to follow, illustrated with engaging stories, and deeply encouraging, Failure, the Back Door to Success speaks straight to the heart. It will make you feel free to try and unafraid of failing, knowing that God is the one at work in you, and that he’s not finished yet. And that’s the first step toward success, every time.

My Review:
 If you have ever listened to Mr. Lutzer speak you have truly listened to a treasure. His speaking really speaks directly to you. He doesn't sugar coat or tickle your ears. He is upfront and blunt and his speaking will relate to your everyday life.

 Mr. Lutzer take, commentary and research on this topic is very well grounded and thorough. He can tell you exactly what it will take to get you back on the right road with God to get rid of the weight of your failures whether it is a past that will not listen its grip or for you to see in you what God sees, it is all in there.

 The author covers the failure quotient from several angles. He shows it to us in a comparison to others. Which is probably something that we all do and we have that at the top of our list. The suthor has really got me to thinking about my view of failure and what it could possibly mean in the eyes of God. And many times our perception and God's do NOT line up. This is when we need to truly seek God on the matters that we feel are holding us back and listen for Him to respond.

 This book covers a lot in such a short amount of time. Based on the authors experiences and lessons and those of many others we can glean sound advice from others that have been there. Great book!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author. All opinions are my own.