Thursday, May 25, 2017

Review: The Sweet Smell of Magnolias and Memories by:Celeste Fletcher McHale

 The Sweet Smell of Magnolias and Memories
About the Book:
Jacey met the man of her dreams a year ago—and hasn’t seen him since. Finally relocating him as the pastor at her best friend’s wedding was the very last thing she expected.

A year ago, Jacey was trapped on a rooftop during a flood with perfect strangers, including a family and a man named Colin. After two days there together, she had no doubt that Colin was the man of her dreams. When they were finally rescued he tucked his phone number into her pocket. But an accident with the rescue boat left her hospitalized with amnesia and PTSD . . . and his number nowhere to be found.

Now, Jacey has still only recovered bits and pieces of her memory from that time. She clearly remembers Colin—but not his last name or any other details that would help her locate him. She’s trying to immerse herself in the joy of her best friend’s wedding . . . when she looks up at the end of the aisle only to discover Colin there in the minister’s role. Shock is an understatement.

On one hand, she’s elated to see him again. And then reality sets in. She never intended to get married or have kids. And being a minister’s wife was definitely never on her list. Was Colin not the man she thought he was? Or has the amnesia changed her more than she realized?

With the typical wit and honesty Celeste Fletcher McHale is becoming known for, it’s time for Jacey to take a fresh look at her life. Could this string of unexpected events have been setting her up for something far better than what she had planned for herself?

My Review:
 Jacey has had an exciting life or so it seems. She has struggled for awhile now since she decided to drive through a dangerously flooded area. Ya know, when they tell you not to because you will be in danger if you do. Well, she kinda sorta ignored that advice and did it anyway. Which landed her in the hospital in a far more precarious situation. She is pretty convinced she met the man of her dreams after this crazy fiasco during the flood. It was funny to me how she was focused on anything remotely romantic during this frightening time.

 Colin was the guy that holds the key to Jacey's heart but without any way of finding this guy she sort of quits holding out hope that she will ever find him. But they always say that when you quit looking love will find you. And so it goes, Jacey goes to her best friends wedding and low and behold she spots the man of her dreams.

 This story was a great story. It had sad parts, rooting for the main character parts, funny moments, and the whole love ever after story line. A fantastic story! Especially after reading some of the ho hum things I have been reading, lately.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author. All opinions are my own.

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