Monday, July 19, 2021

Review: I Can Read Series: Fiona Saves the Day by:Cowdrey

 Fiona Saves the Day: Level 1

 Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

About the Book:

Join your favorite hippo, Fiona, the adorable internet sensation from the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, as she and her animal friends attempt to help their friend Mango the little blue penguin who’s stuck on a ledge.

Get ready to let out a snort, wiggle your ears, and say, “I’ve got this!” alongside the cute and courageous Fiona the hippo. Beginning readers will enjoy learning more about Fiona and her friends in this adventure-filled Level One I Can Read book.

Fiona Saves the Day is:

An endearing animal book that’s a perfect gift from parents and grandparents
An easy-to-read inspirational story of friendship and courage
A Level One I Can Read story geared for children learning to sound out words and sentences

My Review:

 The Fiona series is just the sweetest, most precious series. I love reading them and they are the perfect read alouds, as well. But now your early readers can take advantage all on their own. Because Zondervan has put the series in early or beginner reading form. Each book in the series is referred to in steps. 

 Fiona is the sweetest hippo she never meets anyone that she cant be a friend to. She makes friends easily and they are friends forever. She is also never afraid of anything. She loves life and shes always living it to the fullest. She visits her friends daily to tell them hello. Well on this particular day when she visits penguin, she sees that he has a little problem that he cant fix himself. So Fiona is there to help her friend.

Great read!

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