Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Review: Here's Lily by Nancy Rue

Let me just say this was a sweet little book. It made me tear up quite a bit. Without giving away too much, Lily is involved in an accident that causes her and someone she loves harm. And as a result of this accident she may not be able to attend an event that means the world to her. So she searches within herself for confidence that she can't seem to find only to realize that this is something she needs God's help for.
Taken from the back of the book..... In this funny story in a series that has sold over one million copies, you'll meet red-headed sixth-grader Lily Robbins. After receiving a compliment about her looks from a high-powered woman in the fashion industry, Lily obsesses over becoming a model, setting her sights on winning the "model search" fashion show. Overnight, she packs away her rock and feather collection in exchange for fashion magazines and lip gloss-but is God in the middle of this change in Lily's life? When the unthinkable happens a couple of nights before the fashion show, Lily learns a valuable lesson about real beauty.This is the perfect book for that young girl in your life that reaches that age of uncertainty. Uncertainty about herself and the life around her.
This book was provided for me for free for my honest review through the Booksneeze program for bloggers.