Monday, March 18, 2013

TOS Review: Classical Academic Press Poetry

Photobucket  This week's TOS review is for those middle school or high schoolers out there that want to learn more about poetry. Classical Academic Press has created a course titled  Art of Poetry Course that is right up your alley. Upon opening this 16 chapter book you will be taught poetry from the beginnings- how to create images, how to use metaphors, symbols, words, sound and rhythm. Creating a stanza and the overall tone of the poem and what thought you are trying to convey. There are also several appendixes in the back of the book used for further study. Short biographies of several poets have also been included.

 The price of this product in bundle form which includes the student text, the teachers edition and the DVD set as of April 1st will be $99.95. It is an excellent choice for the middle or high school child. This curriculum is designed for 6th grade and above. I allowed my 10th grade daughter to use the product because she is more excited to learn about how to perfect her poetry writing or musings. Chapters 1-8 are all about the elements of poetry such as images, metaphors, etc. Moving on to chapters 9-15 goes through a more formal history of poetry and then the last chapter is about application.


 My daughter Ashley would read her lesson for the day and judged by what she read and learned she would analyze a poem by answering questions such as what the speaker is trying to covey whether it be in thoughts, feelings, tone or words. This is a very simple curriculum to add to your homeschool. Ashley felt like it was pretty simple and she was able to do it pretty much on her own without too much help from me. I felt like it was a good fit for our family. If you do use it for younger grades you will probably have to be more involved to help them understand the information better and more clearly.


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