Friday, August 2, 2013

Review: 52 Ways to Grow Your Faith by: Gregg Farah

52 Ways to Grow Your Faith: Connect with God in a Busy, Noisy World
About the Book:
52 Ways to Grow Your Faith will do what it says AND give you freedom. Your spiritual growth strategy does not have to be limited to reading and praying. Try growing spiritually while walking, driving or working out. 52 Ways to Grow Your Faith will jump-start a stalled faith, provide a road map for a new faith, and energize an active faith. Use this resource with friends in a weekly study group or on your own - but get ready to grow and connect with God in a busy, noisy world.

My Review:
 Included in Gregg Farah's book, 52 Ways to Grow Your Faith are just that. Ways that we can spread out our faith a little wider and a little deeper. We all need to grow as Christians at some point because without it we won't bear much fruit for the advancement of the kingdom.

 The book is set up much like many devotional or Bible study type book. Giving you short and sweet read throughs as to not lose your interest in the faith growing element. The book can be used very easily in a group setting, where you can bounce your ideas and thoughts off of another individual, but I found it just as effective used alone.

 My favorite way to grow my faith was listed as number 45, "listening to worship music". The reader, Bob said he felt it was a way for him to stay connected through God all day. I totally agree with this sentiment. I always tell my children if we put good things in, good things will come out. I believe that another idea that we should really get planted into our thinking is that God needs to be brought into all aspects of our lives. He deserves more space than we allow Him. Maybe through this way of thinking our faith could grow alot stronger.

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