Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Review: Port of No Return by:Michelle Saftich

Port of No Return
About the Book:
Contessa and Ettore Saforo awake to a normal day in war-stricken, occupied Italy.

By the end of the day, their house is in ruins and they must seek shelter and protection wherever they can. But the turbulent politics of 1944 refuses to let them be. 

As Tito and his Yugoslav Army threaten their German-held town of Fiume, Ettore finds himself on a list for execution and running for his life. His wife and children must also flee. 

Ettore and Contessa’s battle to find each other, and the struggle of their family and friends to rebuild their lives, provide a rich and varied account of displaced people in war-torn Europe.

What can you do when you have nowhere left to call home? Port of No Return considers this question and more in a novel that is full of action, pain and laughter -- a journey you will want to see through to the very end.

My Review:
 It’s 1944 and beautiful Italy is war-torn. Contessa and Ettore Saforo have been trying there best to keep themselves and there family safe. One blistery morning, Ettore and Contessa are beyond tired after staying up all night with their wailing infant son. With a quick kiss, Ettore is off to work and Contessa is busy with her everyday chores. But the day isn’t going to be normal after all. With the cry of sirens, Contessa and her children, along with her mother, are out the door and head for the safe place. They go in terrified and emerge in shock, for everything they own was destroyed by one of the many bombs that fell from the sky.

The Saforo family are without a home, and are quick to get to a dear friends home. But when authorities begin searching for Ettore, Contessa knows it’s time to move on for Fiume, Italy. Venturing out into the unknown, Contessa and Ettore must fight to stay together even though everything is trying to push them apart.

Port of No Return takes you into the war filled World War II. You will see adventure, beauty, and sorrow. Once you read this book you can never turn back. I really enjoyed reading this book. Port of No return was written with perfect precision. I cant wait to see what this author has in store for us next. If you would like to read more reviews on this book, visit this link.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

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